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II Meeting of factories recovered by the workers

II Meeting of factories recovered by the workers
25, 26 and 27 of June - Caracas - Venezuela

In the Latin America the resistance against the destruction of the industry and the defense of the jobs assumed different forms. The criticism and his doubts form part of the discussion of the working movement and they were the objects of the discussion of the First Latin American Meeting of Factories Recovered by Workers, when it was carried out in Venezuela in the day 29 of October of 2005.

We were saying: “They close, we open the factories. They steal the lands and we occupy. They ware wars and destroy nations; we defend the peace and the sovereign integration of the people. They divide and we adhere. Because we are the working class. Because we are the present and the future of the humanity”.

Today, more still of what in 2005, the situation of the people of the Latin America imposes us with more it forces the necessity of keeping on building and deepening this unity. He is not any present to political current state of affairs in our continent. They are years of resistances, projects and of much work for part of the workers to build this historical opportunity. Our movement is anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist. It is a scream and an organized movement of the working class against the regime of property toilet of the great means of production, which only can survive waring wars, exploring and oppressing the people. We know that there were always shades in our America, and many current governments are not representatives of our interests, but it shows up a favorable state of affairs to build proposals, to debate and to put the mark of the workers in the subjects that us concern. Clear what will not be easy.

We can see in Bolivia, since the dominant classes reacted before the nationalization of the resources, before the exercise of the sovereignty. In Venezuela, what with his revolutionary advancement in the education, in the health, in the field, does not stop being bothersome to the one who always lived costs it of the people and of his resources. And so, they keep on producing lies through his ways, fear, hunger. But nevertheless not even the Venezuelan people not even they deceived the Bolivian people, and re-elected Chavez and Eternity. As well as Correa in Ecuador, and, recently, in Paraguay, with the election of Lugo for the people.

We call all the factories recovered by his workers and the social organizations in struggle for the “II Latin American Meeting of Factories Recovered by the Workers”, joining the struggles of our sector with the remainder of the working class and in support to the struggle for the socialism that is carried out by the Bolivian and Venezuelan people when they were supported by the workers of the whole Latin America.

We call all when they were added up to our efforts and Venezuela meets in the days 25, 26 and 27 of June of 2009, in Caracas.

Cheer the struggle of the workers of the recovered factories!
Cheer the struggle of the working class!
Cheer the Venezuelan revolution!
Cheer the Bolivian revolution!
We will win!

25, 26 and 27 of June - Caracas

Convene: Commission

Organizer of I Latin American Meeting of Factories Recovered by Workers - Caracas/2005 (Serge Goulart - Brazil:; Eduardo Murua - Argentina:; Liliana Pertuy - Uruguay:
Revolutionary Front of Workers of Factories in Cogestión and Occupied (FRETECO) - Venezuela:
Central office Obrera Boliviana - COB
Trade Federation of the Mining Workers of Bolivia - FSTMB:
National Movement of Recovered Enterprises - MNER – Argentina:
National Association of Workers Autogestionados - ANTA\CTA - Argentina:
Unit Central office of the Workers (CUT – Authentic) - Paraguay:
Co-ordination of Enterprises Recovered for Workers – Paraguay
Movement of Occupied Factories - Brazil:

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